Hi, my name is Aris and I am truly grateful that you are devoting your time to read about me.


I'll do my best not to disappoint.


Why fitness?

Because weight training and structured nutrition made me a better person.

It has molded me into a stronger and more confident version of myself. The strength and discipline that I built in the weight room have improved my relationships, my focus and basically my life in general.

Here is my personal transformation.


Training and nutrition aside, I am a huge book-worm, sushi enthusiast, and a pretty much a certified coffee addict.


Why this website? 

My primary goal in creating Aris Fitness was to share my experience and confidence to incorporate the best training and nutrition strategies to your unique lifestyle.

Hence, here you'll find quality content around strength training, bodybuilding, nutrition, and lifestyle, in an entertaining way, that will help you achieve your goals without compromising your life!

Moreover, I provide the online coaching option, which is the closest thinking to me doing the lifting for you.

And budget friendly.

My approach to nutrition and training involves zero clutter. Everything is backed up by scientific research and personal experience. Cause I just hate beating around the bush.

Go ahead and check some common fitness misconceptions.