The Adonis Belt: How to develop V-Shaped lower abs

When it comes to picking the sexiest male body part, women tend to mention several muscles, varying from forearms to calves (ehm) to the upper back. Yet there is one muscle that is more often than not acknowledged as hot -pronounced hawt-.

The V-Shaped abs.

And they have been chosen by Cosmopolitan magazine as one of the things that make angels sing to a girl’s lady parts.

Also known as Iliac furrow or the Adonis belt, they are an anatomical feature of the lower abdominal area in the male body that tends to be visible in the 6-12% body fat range.

The factors that determine their prominence are the thickness of the Transvers Abdominis (TVA), internal obliques, and of course, the surrounding fat.


Building the Adonis belt.

In the same way that you can not build a bicep just by flexing it, you can not develop abs just by hitting them isometrically with planks. In order for the abs to grow, they need to be subject to some load and contraction.

Hence, the best way to load the TVA indirectly are squats, deadlifts, and heavy carries.

Some may argue that these exercises and weighted abs work will thicken your waist. And it’s possible, by a couple centimeters, causing only aesthetic side effects.

Simply put, with heavy lifts you get abs that pop out, with low body fat levels you get them to show and with direct ab work you chisel them while making them pop further out.

The following exercises will help you sculpt a core that looks like it’s been forged as part of a Roman Gladiator breastplate.

The goal, as with any muscle is progressive overload, meaning to gradually increase the load, repetitions, and rate of difficulty:

A) Master the abs rollout. There are several variations starting with the normal kneeling rollout and transitioning to an evil standing, weighted etc. Rep range to aim to get stronger at: 10-12.

B) Hanging weighted leg raises. Just like all other leg raises, but… with a load that makes it much more challenging. Same rep range.


Hope you’re on your way to forging that breastplate.


Till next time,