Online Coaching

Alright sounds good but what is this?

I want to make you look and feel great that's it!

I want to help you get rid of the common misconceptions of fitness and get you on your way to achieving your goals of losing weight, packing muscle, getting healthier and being more awesome at being awesome while keeping your wallet intact.

 ...and your mind sane!



So what exactly does it involve?

Initial Assessment

  • Understanding of your goals and creating a feasible plan to get to them.
  • Discussion of your current lifestyle, training, and food options, along with your previous (if any exercise history).

Tailored Training Program

  • Training sessions explained to the second.
  • Exercices, sets, reps, tempo and rest periods designed to your capacity and aiming to increase it.

Tailored Nutrition Plan

  • Macro/Calories specification
  • Meals with accordance to foods you enjoy

Supplementation Plan

  • When it makes sense, and only the ones backed by research, no sparkly, magic powders here.

Accountability and Full Access to Me

  • Weekly check-ins to assess progress and make necessary modifications.
  • Video analysis of your form.
  • Customize your training around an event or an injury.
  • Access to my personal whatsapp.
  • I'm here to motivate you so never feel hesitant to get in touch.


Online Coaching Application

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