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I want to read more!

Posted by aristrag on July 17, 2017

What now? A natural physique competitor’s diary.

Thoughts on competing.


Posted by aristrag on July 6, 2017

A surprisingly low-fat MUFFIN recipe that makes an awesome snack

Sup team,

I’m currently 2 days out of my physique competition and this can only mean one thing…

Carb up. Full stop and exclamation point. (more…)

Posted by aristrag on June 29, 2017

How to deal with hunger when on a diet

Diet optimization and some (a lot of) tips and tricks to blunt hunger

One of the most common hurdles to jump over when on a diet is hunger. It’s sneaky and strikes unexpectedly, even after that big salad bowl. As annoying as it is, chances are it is totally natural and you should expect it, accept it and put the following tools and guidelines to good use. So let’s take a look.


Posted by aristrag on June 23, 2017

Darwin and the Japanese know better: Why change is crucial and how to KAIZEN it.


Darwin said it: The species that best adapt are the ones that will eventually survive and pass on their “winning genes”.

While nowadays you don’t necessarily have to build wooden shelters, hunt truck-sized animals and initiate sexual intercourse with anyone of the opposite sex in order to “adapt”, you may want to consider changing certain aspects of your life on the pathway towards your idealized reality.

Going after what you want is a form of survival, not so much a physical survival, but more of a survival of the soul.

And in most cases, it requires massive change.


Posted by aristrag on June 21, 2017

A few first thoughts… to reject.

As this is my first article I will try to submerge it with positivity and say, quoting the great Adam Bornstein that:

“The fitness industry is completely f*cked up”,

like the food industry, the drug industry or any other industry for that matter. What is of real benefit to us hides between what we see and what we believe.

Meaning that we’re not necessarily constantly bombarded with lies, but I would proceed and call them half truths (and empty promises).


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