What now? A natural physique competitor’s diary.

Thoughts on competing.

“Dear Diary,

Apologies for not imprinting my thoughts on you for the past week. The most solid excuse I can find is that I have been busy eating. EATING EVERYTHING.

As I told you a couple weeks ago I competed in a natural physique division.

The update is that I got to place 5th amongst a stacked class of jacked individuals.


But I want more, can and will do more.

And not exclusively in terms of results.

I want to push myself more and consequently get to feel more.

Get more hyped on stage, more present and more grounded.

Get leaner, get bigger and stronger, yet more aesthetic and symmetrical.


So what now?

I was at the gym and having a chat with my coach Derek while warming up my somewhat tanned, patchy shoulders.

“So what do you think I should do now?” I asked him.

“Don’t fuck around!” He replied.

Just 3 words and I got pumped to the absolute fuck.

You’re right, I thought, I’m not here to fuck around I’m here to win!

Calm down tiger ;P

Even with part of my head in the clouds, I can comprehend that the goal of “winning” takes time, but step by step shall be accomplished. That brings us to…


The long awaited action plan:

For the remainder of the summer, I will focus both my nutrition and training to hormone optimization and to building a favorable environment for some naughty muscle to occur shortly after.

Dieting for a competition is pretty hard on the male (and female) hormones, especially testosterone and insulin. So optimizing them is to be done with a regimen that breaks the bro-science status quo.

More specifically, my training is going to revolve around full-body and upper/lower splits with emphasis on compound movements.

And my diet, oh my diet…. I’m saying goodbye to carbs. Well, only for a couple weeks… to reset insulin sensitivity and because I have genuine masochistic tendencies.

On the bright side, I’ll get to eat loads of steak and bacon.

Forecast? Flat with a chance of shredz.

So after those 2 brutal weeks, carbs will be reintroduced slowly but steadily, magic shall deluge the mist, and unicorns shall run the skies.

God willing, by early September my carbs will be at very offensive levels and I’ll be eating like a small village again.

Hence, behold the Gaining, aka Superhero Initiation, aka Get big af phase.


Will I compete next year?

Chances are yes, my dear diary.

Yet, while having the Grand Vision running at the back of my brain I can only focus on what is to be done Now and only now, cause now… is all there is.

And in the now there is no sugar, no carbs but a strict diet and some maniac training sessions.”


As I say a goodbye to the newbie competitor’s chapter of my life, I welcome a new one with more experimentation and learning.

And if you made it this far reading about me narcissistically rambling on my future actions,

I ought to thank you and inform you that I’ll be dropping my exact insulin and testosterone boosting regimen here.

Therefore stay tuned if having a rock solid body, that feels like a million bucks and is primed to eat all the carbs in the world without getting fat appeals to you.


Having said that I’ll leave you for now to eat a coop worth of eggs.


Till next time,